Jim Beam Devil's Cut Experience FAQ

Q: I lost the instructions for running the Jim Beam Devil’s Cut app

A: You can download a .pdf of the instructions here.


Q: How long will the battery last?

A: If you just run the Jim Beam Devil’s Cut app you can get about 3 hours of battery on a fully charged battery.


Q: My battery is low or out of power and I need to use the replacement battery.

A: It is very easy to change, just follow these steps:

1. Make sure the phone is off and remove the back cover; 
2. Look for a small indention between the phone and the back cover and use your fingernail to gently pull the cover off;
3. Remove the battery by pushing up on the bottom and lifting;
4. Put the new battery in, replace the back cover, making sure it snaps in place;
5. Restart the phone;


Q: I’m not hearing any sound in the headphones

A: Follow these simple steps to try and determine what the problem is:

1. First make sure that the headphone plug is completely seated in the headphone jack;
2. Make sure the volume is up on device by pressing the up Volume Key (the user should see a volume bar in device going up);
3. If neither of these solve the problem, have the user remove the device;
4. Take the phone out of the headset;
5. Use the power button to bring up the Device Options menu and verify that the phone is not muted.


Q: A user accidentally started the ride before they were ready to go

A: First, warn the user that you are going to reset the app. Press and hold the back button for a few seconds. Doing this will return them to the Devil’s Cut logo screen.


Q: The app is performing in unexpected ways (i.e. running slow, crashing, etc)

A: If you or a user experience anything like this, follow these steps:

1. Ask the user to remove the device;
2. First feel if the phone is hot. If so, shut the phone down and use the backup Gear VR kit and phone;
3. Second, check to see if the battery is low, as this can sometimes cause performance problems;
4. If neither of these are the case, hold the power button and choose the Restart option. Now go through the starting the device as normal.


Q: The Devil’s Cut VR app icon looks like this and won’t start.
A: If this happens, it most likely means something has happened to the SD card:
  1. Turn the phone off;
  2. Remove the back cover;
  3. Take the SD card out and the gently put it back in place;
  4. Restart the phone.




Q: Is there anything I need to know about the headphone amplifier?

A: Here is a short list of best practices:
•  Keep it charged but be aware  the only way to charge it is via usb, so plan ahead
•  At full charge the battery will last about 10 hours
•  For best results peg the volume on the amp and the phone at full volume, and adjust the volume level on the gear if needed
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