Frequently Asked Questions for Sparkabilities

What is Sparkabilities?

Sparkabilities is a series of DVDs and other media for babies and toddlers designed to entertain and develop essential learning skills.  Our products are all based on the PlayWisely developmental system.


What is PlayWisely?

PlayWisely is a brain based developmental play system for children under three.


Why is Sparkabilities different?

Sparkabilities is not attempting to “teach” you baby or toddler but rather to nurture the neural networks that support learning.


Which Sparkabilities product is right for my child?

Sparkabilities is designed for specific developmental stages.  Each title builds on one another becoming more challenging while remaining familiar.  You’ll see many of the same subjects in each title but the presentation is designed specifically for that developmental stage.


•  Babies 1 is designed for babies 4 – 12 months

•  Babies 2 is designed for 8 months – 24 months

•  Toddler 1 is designed for 12 months – 36 months. 

•  Toddler 2 is designed for 24 months – 36+ months


How do I use the Sparkabilities Babies 1 app with my baby? 

The Babies 1 app is designed for you to use with your baby!  Choose a movie and let your baby watch it.  Watch them as they track the subjects as they move across the screen.  During the “find it” sections watch your baby search for the subject.  Closely observe their eyes, attention and focus as they “find it!”  


Next, choose the corresponding card set.  Your baby just saw the movie now go through the cards with them.  You can mute the audio by switching your phone to vibrate mode. Talk in an excited voice and go through the cards at a fairly quick pace. 


During the “find it” cards your baby will point with their eyes.  Watch them closely and you will see the recognition on their face when they “find it!”  Encourage them and praise them when they have success!  If they have trouble, show them the subject with your finger and then lay on the praise!  You can also encourage visual tracking by moving the iPhone or iPad left to right or up and down when a subject is built.


When you are in a pinch, perhaps at the grocery store or out to dinner and baby is getting fussy, you can use the “play all” feature on the main menu.  This will play through all of the movies on the app in a continuous loop.


How do I use the Sparkabilities Babies 2 app with my baby?

The Babies 2 app is designed to be used in two ways.   When your baby is younger you will use it like the Babies 1 app.  As they progress and their fine motor skills are developing they can begin to use the app themselves!  Help them out at first by taking their hand and teaching them how to point their fingers and touch the subjects.  You’ll be surprised how quickly they pick up the rules of the game.


As their motor skills advance, you can encourage them to point with their right hand and then their left hand!  Hold the device slightly to their left when they use their right hand and slightly to their right when using their left hand.


You can also use the “play all” feature on the main menu to play through all of the movies in a continuous loop when you need a parent lifesaver!


The Sparkabiliites movies and cards aren’t like other movies and cards for babies and toddlers.  Why?

We aren’t trying to “teach” any material.  Our goal is to nurture the neural networks that support learning. 


We take a subject then filter it through foundational learning attributes; size, color and number.  This process reinforces the cognitive skill of form constancy, which is the ability to recognize a subject through various presentations.  A circle is still a circle whether it’s big, little, red or black! 


We build faces to encourage the cognitive skill of part to whole relationships by presenting “facial math;”  2 eyes + 2 ears + 1 nose + 1 mouth = a puppy face!  Facial recognition is a cognitive instinct and babies are fascinated by all kinds of faces.


The “find it” sections are designed to develop essential attention skills, reinforce the cognitive skill of focus and exercise visual discrimination skills.  This section also allows your child to interact, from passive to interactive we are attempting to stimulate input/output, memory & performance skills.


You can learn more about the methods behind Sparkabilities at



How do I stop a movie or card set?

The “secret” parent "corner to corner diagonal swipe" will bring up the option to go to the main menu or continue with the current movie or card set.  Simply swipe your finer from the bottom right to the top left corners to bring up the options. You must start your swipe in the bottom right corner and finish your swipe in the top left corner (diagonal swipe). We made it difficult for little fingers to inadvertently bring up the menu and exit cards or a movie they are watching.


Why does the app go back where I left off after the home button is hit and the app is relaunched?

This was an intentional feature of the app design.  We realize that many times your baby will hit the “home” button accidentally (or on purpose) and want to get back to where they were.  You can quickly re-launch the app and it will pick up where it left off minimizing frustration.  Patience can be learned later!


How can I contact Sparkabilities for questions not addressed in this FAQ, feedback or to report a bug?

We love to hear from our customers!  Please, email us at with any questions or feedback on our products.

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