Making very long recordings

The app can be used to make multi-hour recordings as long as you have enough hard drive space. Make sure to read the article at this link about running out of space: But we HIGHLY suggest the following:

1. Test it out before your big meeting that you are going to record.

2. Are you going to be recording your voice as you speak to a group? If so, you will be walking around a lot and moving away from Voxie from time to time. You may want to use a lapel mic from They are great. Test it first. If people are spread around the room, their voices may be faint in the recording.

3. Pause and save the file then start a new one periodically just in case. This is just like you would periodically stop and save a long document you are making on your computer.

4. Check to make sure you will have enough hard drive space. It's hard to tell you how much you will need, but you can use this as a general rule: you will need 20kb (there are 1024 kb's in a mb) per second for normal quality and 100kb for high quality. You can see how much hard drive space you have free in iTunes when you connect you iPhone/iPod to your computer.

5. We highly suggest you put your iPhone into Airplane mode as incoming texts and calls will also pause the recording. This is a behavior forced onto Voxie by the iPhone.

6. IT IS ALWAYS BETTER TO RECORD INTO SMALLER PIECES, SUCH AS 20 MINUTE CHUNKS. This is important because the ONLY way to get the audio off your iPhone is by uploading to our transcription service. And the upload time is based on the file size. THEREFORE WE DO NOT suggest you make recordings over 40 minutes. Simply pause the recording. Save it. And start a new one.

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