Can I pause, fast forward and rewind audio streams?

Yes, you can pause, fast forward or rewind audio streams that are pre-recorded. This includes all audio streams in the News and Programs sections and some of the streams in the Station section.


You can not pause, fast forward or rewind live audio streams. This includes the On Air recordings of programs and the On Air streams in Stations.


To pause, simply tap the pause button which will appear when a stream is playing. To resume playback, click the play button which will appear when  a stream is paused.


To fast forward and rewind, simply move the "slider ball" to the left or the right on the slider  bar located to the right of the play/pause button when playing a pre-recorded stream. This is called "scrubbing".  You will only see the "scrubber bar" when listening to a pre-recorded stream with a known duration. Occasionally you will find a pre-recorded stream with an unknown duration. When listening to one of these streams you will not be able to fast forward or rewind. But you will be able to pause.

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