What is the playlist in the app? How do I use it?

The playlist allows you to select and order stories with audio, then listen right away or save them for later.  

Browse to any story that has audio, and you’ll see two buttons.  One says, “add to playlist”; the other says, “listen now.”  Press the “add to playlist” button and that story will be saved to your playlist. 

You can easily access your playlist to play, reorder, or delete stories by pressing the “playlist” tab in the persistent navigation at the bottom of the application.   Press “play all” to play the stories in order. Or press the blue arrow on a particular story to access and play only that story.  

Reordering and deleting stories works the same way as other lists on iPhone default applications. To reorder stories hit the “edit” button in the upper left; drag stories up or down in the list by putting your finger tip on the gray square on the right side of the story item and sliding your finger to the desired location in the list.  Press “done” when you are finished.

To delete a story you can either slide your finger across that story from left to right and click the red "delete" button, or hit the "edit" button in the upper left and tap the red circle on the story you wan to delete.  A red “delete” button will appear; press the button to remove the story.

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