What is the difference between the NPR News iPhone application and other applications that feature NPR or public radio content such as the Public Radio Player?

NPR News is currently the only application for the iPhone and iPod touch that was designed and built by NPR.  As far as we know, it contains the fullest set of features and NPR content.  

In order to foster creativity and encourage the development of the best public radio applications possible, NPR has created an “Application Programming Interface (API), a system that allows others to use NPR and NPR member station content (where available), provided the applications aren’t commercial or do not otherwise misuse the content.  

The Public Radio Player is an iPhone application that depends heavily on the NPR API for its content.  The Public Radio Exchange led development of this application, with funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting [http://www.cpb.org].  NPR is a full partner in this effort.

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