How do I download the NPR News application?

There are two ways to download the application, which we are offering as a free download.  (Your mobile phone rate plan will determine what charges you may incur to consume content via the application.)

(1) On your iPhone or iPod touch, click the icon for the Apple App Store.  Hit the search tab in the bottom navigation and type in “NPR News.”   Click on the search result for the “NPR News” application; once that page loads, you’ll be presented with a button that says “free.”  Clicking the “free” button will reveal an “install” button. (You’ll be prompted to enter your iTunes store password.)

(2) Go to the home screen of the iTunes application on your computer and click the “App Store” link in the navigation in the top of the left column.  Type “NPR News” into the search box in the upper right hand side of iTunes.   Find the “NPR News” iPhone application in the results and click it.  You will see the NPR logo and an application description along with a button to “Get App.”  Click this button to download the application to iTunes.  When you next synch your iPhone or iPod touch, the application will be transferred to your mobile device.

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