How do I fly the space craft?

In Space - When you are in space: 

- Throttle: slide the right side of the screen up or down. When you slide it all the way down, forward thrusters immediately bring you to a halt.

- Roll: tilt your device left or right (like you are steering a car) to fire roll thrusters. This does NOT turn you, it just rolls your space craft.

- Turning: tilt your device forwards or backwards to fire the thrusters which turn the nose of your ship.

- Putting it all together: Frankly, we didn't want Wings Space to be too easy. You're a smart person and you need a challenge. If piloting a space ship was easy, monkeys could do it. Oh, wait, they do in that Space Chimps app. Well, anyways... The easiest way to do it is to roll your craft until the direction you want to turn is directly above or below you, then just tilt your device up or down to go in that direction. It takes some getting use to.

- Spinning: This the fun part. Do it right and you can fly through space with a perfect spin to your craft. Concentrate on the image and yes, you will get dizzy. Wings Galaxy is THAT immersive...


On the Planet - When you are on the planet's surface:

- Throttle: There is no throttle.

- Thruster: Tap the thruster button in the bottom right corner of the screen. USE THIS SPARINGLY. The higher you fly, the less effective your thruster is. So, you will fly too high, then come crashing down. So, tap it lightly and try to stay several hundred feet off the ground. The altitude indicator is in the top right corner of the screen. If you fly higher than that, you're asking for trouble, and you're not getting the full game experience. Barely cresting the mountain tops is where the fun is...

- Turn: This part is easy. Just tilt your device left or right, like a steering wheel on a car.

- Forwards and Backwards: This is also easy, just tilt your device forwards or backwards. You can even hover.


Base landings - When you are looking down at the base and landing:

- Throttle: There is no throttle.

- Thruster: The same rules apply as the above discussion about the thruster. Use it sparingly. Let your craft fall for a while, then tap the thruster lightly. You need to land very lightly on the landing pad (just like in real life). But the thruster is VERY sensitive when you get near the ground (again, just like in real life). So try tapping very, very lightly when you are close to the ground. At a certain height, you can float to the landing pad. But again, we're not going to give away the secret. Landing on the base is very challenging. It takes about 5 to 10 tries to get it right, then you'll wonder why you ever thought it was hard in the first place. Most real pilots tell you that after 100 landings, they are easy. You may think Wings Galaxy is challenging, but it's obvious 1/10th as hard as real flying... ;-)

- Positioning Over the Base: You must land on the on the base's landing pad, not the side or the ground near it. Doing so will result in a crash and you will be given a chance to try again. To position your space craft as it descends, simply tilt your device up, down, left and right. This time you are looking straight down. So all the tilting will fire your sideways thrusters. The trick is that you don't change the angle of the device when you are floating down. So, whatever angle had you hovering without going forward, right, left or backwards when you were flying over the planet, is the same angle that will let you fall straight down. Try it a few times and you'll get it. Don't give up...

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