What are the three main play modes?

Campaign Mode - In this mode you play the full game by completing each Galaxy's mission. You can skip a Galaxy because Wings Galaxy is an "open ended game". But we don't suggest this. You'll find out for yourself why. But just take our word for it.

We won't want to explain too much about the game because the point is to learn and explore yourself. You don't want to be told every last little thing, do you? We purposely don't explain too much. It's time for you to turn on your brain and have some fun exploring.


Timed Mission - In this mode, you repeat the missions from campaign mode, but this time you will do them as fast as possible. There are literally dozens of ways you could fly the missions. But only one is the fastest and most efficient way to do it... You must FIRST fully complete a galaxy in campaign mode before you can fly it in timed mode. So, that's a good reason not to skip a Galaxy in campaign mode. ;-)


Explore - In this mode, it's all about having fun. You're not being scored, crashing isn't much to worry about, etc. This is the most HIGHLY REQUESTED mode from Wings Earth (check it out!). So we made sure to add this to Wings Galaxy. In this mode, you can just sit back and enjoy the ride. Most of the mission criteria still exists, but the pressure is off and it doesn't matter if you follow the mission or not. 

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