Wings Galaxy crashes

ALWAYS reboot your iPhone after installing Wings Galaxy (or any application for that matter).

Wings Galaxy pushes the iPhone to its limit. So it's very important to reboot your iPhone after installing.

However, it's possible that your iPhone will crash from time to time. This problem is rare but easily fixed. We believe it is caused by a memory issue on the iPhone caused by another app that may have crashed or had an issue since the last time you rebooted your iPhone but before you started running Wings Galaxy. Or it can be when your iPhone tries to do something in the background (like check email or run a timed script for your Calendar, etc) and Wings Galaxy gets squeezed for memory usage.

Simply reboot the phone by holding down the power button (top button) and home screen button at the same time for 15 seconds or until it turns off. Turn it back on and try again.

If it still continues, make sure to turn off high detail in the settings area for Wings Galaxy (which is in your main device settings and not the app itself).

Thanks for supporting Wings.

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