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Q: How do I create a Voice Card.
A: Here are detailed instructions on sending a Valentines Card:

1. You must always pick a Theme. So do that first. You can use the left and right arrow buttons to move through all the themes. Tap Select Theme when you have picked the one you want.

2.You can optionally add a Text Message, an Audio Recording and a Custom Picture. 

3. Tap Share. You can only tap Share after entering enough information to send (such as selecting a Theme).

4. If you want to preview the card before sending, select Email and email the card to yourself. You can quit Voice Valentines and check your mail program, then return to the app and not lose the card you were working on.

5. Select Email, Twitter or Facebook. If you select Email, you will be asked to compose your email. The Theme, Text Message, Photo and Audio files will all be stored in the email. If you pick Twitter or Facebook, you will have to set up your account only once. Just follow the instructions in the app. If you pick Twitter or Facebook, your Voice Valentine will be posted to a web page and a link to it will be posted to Twitter or Facebook for your friends to see. We will remove your Valentine from the web approximately 30 days after you post it, which should be plenty of time for your friends to see their card.

6. When you are done, you can save your card to use again in the future by tapping Share again and selecting Save Only. Or you can tap Start Over to begin a new card.


Q: Does Voice Cards save my card when I quit the application.
A: Yes, but it would be better if you tapped Share and Save Only to be sure.

Q: Do I have to add a voice greeting, a typed message or a photo?
A: No. The minimum you must select is a Theme before sending a Voice Card.

Q: Why do I need to enter my name in the Settings screen.
A: This is so your friends will know who sent them the card. We customize the card with this name.

Q: How long of a recorded voice greeting can I add and what is the recording format?
A: Up to 30 seconds. The format is AIF.

Q: Can I send one card to many people at the same time?
A: Yes,  you can add multiple email addresses to the card when Sharing via Email. If you Twitter or Facebook your card, all of your Twitter followers and Facebook friends will see the message.

Q: What do I do if  my friends say they are not getting my Voice Card?
A: First, check to make sure you are using the right email address. Second, make sure that you see the screen that says your Voice Card has been sent. For Email, the Voice Card is sent by your iPhone's normal email program. So you may want to check the Outbox of your email program. For Twitter and Facebook, the Voice Card is sent by the app, and you can not quit the app until you see the "Your Voice Card is Sent" message. Third, have them check their spam filter as this is usually the problem. Unfortunately there is not thing we can do about your email getting caught in spam filters.

iPod Touch
Q: Does Voice Cards work on the iPod Touch?
A: Yes, but you can't take photos and you will need an external mic to record. Also note that recent Apple iPod OS updates disabled many external microphones, especially on the first generation iPod Touch. Unfortunately we can't do anything about that.

Q: Do you need a microphone to record using the first or second generation iPod Touch?
A: Yes. Please read this: BUT note that recent Apple iPod OS updates disabled many external microphones, especially on the first generation iPod Touch. Unfortunately we can't do anything about that.

Q: What if my recordings sound garbled when using a microphone?
A: Reboot your iPhone and try again. This happens very rarely, and only when using an external microphone. It is fixed by rebooting your iPhone or unplugging and plugging in your microphone.

Q: If the recordings I send are not being received or if the app is not working in general, how do I troubleshoot?
A: Use the following to troubleshoot:
1. Reboot your phone. Hold the power (top button) and home button (button on front of your iPhone) at the same time for about 20 seconds or until your iPhone turns off. Turn it back on and try again. This usually un-sticks just about anything wrong with your iPhone.
2. Make sure that the email address you are sending to is correct and that the email isn't getting caught in a spam folder. Try to send to multiple email addresses.
3. Try making a very short recording and sending that to test to see if it's a problem with your network connection not being able to send a large file.
4. Make sure you have updated to the latest version of Voice Cards. You can check the App Store on your iPhone to see if there are any updates available.
5. Make sure you have entered your correct email address in the Settings screen inside the Voice Cards app.

Q: What happens if Voice Cards won’t launch and is acting really weird?
A: This will probably never happen to you. But, just in case, try this: Reset your phone by holding down the on/off and Home button at the same time for at least 15 seconds. Your iPhone will reboot and all should be good. Or delete the app and reinstall. During the deletion process you will be asked to rate the app. Please don't put a 1 star just because you had technical issues. Most installation issues are not the fault of the app itself and we would appreciate you rating the app after you have had a chance to use it properly.

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