Does Footsteps GPS (previously called GPS 3G) work on all devices?

Q: What devices is Footsteps GPS compatible with?

A: The app takes full advantage of the improved location accuracy of the iPhone 3G and 3Gs as well as the compass of the iPhone 3Gs, BUT it will work on the original iPhone or iPod Touch. HOWEVER, as stated in the App Store description, the app is designed to work best on the 3G or 3Gs iPhone because only these devices have a built-in GPS receiver. The original iPhone can not accurately determine its location and, therefore, your location, speed and directional information will be estimated but may not be accurate. It also takes much longer for the original iPhone and any iPod Touch to determine its location or heading. So you may be waiting several minutes to get this information. The iPod is the least accurate. However, we are huge iPod users, so we have set the app to be able to run on iPods, BUT please be aware that it may take a very long time for the iPod (or original iPhone even) to determine its location. This is not the fault of our app. This is based on the limitations of the hardware. Also, iPods will only ever be able to determine their location when they are near Wi-Fi areas. So, dense cities with lots of homes or businesses with Wi-Fi networks will be much better. 

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