I don't see many prices in my area

The site gets its prices from users like you. So, if no one is using Fuel Finder (the site, the mobile phone site or the iPhone app) in your area, then it's not going to have much data. Fuel Finder is the largest database of gas information in North America, but there could be areas of little use. Over time, this changes as people begin to use the service more. Every city, just a few years ago, had very little use and now tens of millions of entries are made each year. Of course, we only show fresh pricing, so it's possible there was pricing but expired and won't be available until it's posted again by users in your area. This isn't a sales pitch, but the more people you help get to use it in your area, the better off you are. Again, I'm not pitching app sales. They could use the free web site too. I do hope more people use it in your area so you can get good use out of the app. It really does work. Just yesterday I saved $6 by using a gas station on one side of the highway vs the other. Amazing.

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