I think Fuel Finder is missing a station

Do you think a station is missing from Fuel Finder?

First check the On Fumes or Report screens when you are close to the stations. Are they listed now? If so, then they are in the database but don't have a current price. Only the Report and On Fumes screen will show ALL stations (but only all Diesel stations if you have Diesel selected in the Fuel Finder settings). Pricing will only show stations with a current price. You can add a price yourself.


But, if they are not listed on the Report and On Fumes screen, check the fuel grade that you set in the Fuel Finder settings screen. If you pick Diesel, then only diesel stations will show up on the On Fumes and Report screens. You can change the fuel grade to Regular to see ALL stations as there are rarely diesel only stations.

If it's not on those screens, then it's not in the database. You can report a price for a station not in the database by clicking the + button at the top of the Report listing page.

But you can also add a station to the database. To add stations, you need to become a member of gasbuddy.com (free and no catches) and you can add them yourself. You can also put your username and password into the iPhone app so that prices that you report are immediately approved vs having to wait for confirmation. But you can not add a station from within the iPhone app. You must do that at gasbuddy.com after logging into your member account. It is a multi-step process and not something that makes sense to do on the iPhone itself. You'll know what we mean when you go to add a station on gasbuddy.com.

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