Settings for Fuel Finder

Why does Fuel Finder want info about my car (tank size and fuel grade)?
Fuel Finder does not use any info you input. It is simply there to so you the amount of savings you may receive and to list prices by the grade you need.


What do the search criteria settings do?
They allow you to determine how stringent or relaxed you search results will be. If you live in a large city with many gas stations, having a smaller range and price aging may be a better fit. If you live in the country or are on a road-trip, relaxing your settings may help you receive more results. Note however that Fuel Finder will always go beyond the search range to try to return 20 stations for you. This is a great feature as you'll always want to know if there is a better deal just a little further down the road.


I don’t have a GasBuddy Account. Is this required?
No, a GasBuddy Account is not required. If you choose to get an account, you may accumulate points to win free prizes and your reported prices will be immediately available online and won't have to wait for authorization.


Where do I get a GasBuddy Account?
You may get an account online here

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