On Fumes

What does the “On Fumes” screen do?
"On Fumes" simply shows the nearest gas stations without their price. Sometimes, it doesn't matter how much a gallon costs, because you're so low on gas. This is for those emergencies.


Why are there no prices listing on the On Fumes map listing?
If prices were listed, some gas stations may be excluded. Since this is only to show the nearest location for emergencies, we did not want any excluded.


Where’s the list view?
On Fumes does not support the listing view as the sorting only applies to price look-up. Because you're "on fumes" we list all available stations (price info or no) on a map so you can quickly see how to get there.


Why are there more stations on this screen than the station search?
This screen shows all gas stations, whether they have a price or not. The Pricing screen only shows gas stations with available information that has low prices.


How do I see location details (Map Only)?
Press on any gas station icon and a page of details will appear.


Where do the assistance numbers come from? I couldn’t find the one I was looking for?
Assistance numbers come from all types of locations. We are still adding to the list. If you would like to contribute a number you deem important, please contact us through feedback.

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