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What’s the difference between find by ZIP and Find Nearest?
Find by ZIP is any zip code you want to see what the price of gas is. Find Nearest automatically locates your current position and inputs the zip.


What if I don’t know my ZIP code?
Simply click on Find Nearest. Also, Bottle Rocket offers a free Zip Finder app so you always know your zip code. You can find out more about it here.


Where can I switch between List or Map view?

You can switch between List or Map view within the "Pricing" section. Both buttons are listed in the top corners of the screen.


How are the locations sorted in list view?
Locations are sorted by the cheapest price.


I noticed the price was slightly different than listing on Fuel Finder. Why is this?
Gas prices continuously change and although Fuel Finder keeps inputted prices for no longer than 72 hours, a lot can change in a little time.


Why do some of the locations have a red pump instead of it’s station logo?
There are hundreds of stations out there with some that simply don't provide their logo to the public. We were unable to get every logo out there, so they received a placeholder instead. These stations are still in business with the current price listed.


What does it mean if a location is missing some of it’s pricing?
It simply means that not all the pricing was input by the users or that grade of gas is not available at that location. If you know of a price that is not listed, we'd appreciate you reporting it on Fuel Finder.

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