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ZIP Finder:

Q: What is ZIP Finder? Why do I need ZIP Finder?
A: You will need to know your ZIP code if you are trying to estimate the cost of sending a package using DHL, FedEx, UPS or USPS. It is also handy if you are out of town and trying to narrow down searches on Google to your local area. You can also use it to help a taxi service find you, determine which Post Office services your area for certified mail deliveries and probably lots of other stuff. Let us know what other ways you find to use it.

Q: ZIP Finder isn’t showing the right ZIP code. What’s wrong?
A: ZIP Finder finds the ZIP code that you are closest to the center of. So, although rare, it’s possible that you are in one ZIP code but closer to the center of another ZIP code. This is why we tell you the distance you are from the center of each ZIP code. Also, older iPhones and the iPod Touch have a harder time finding your exact location and may not give ZIP Finder your exact location.

Q: Why do I need the Refresh ZIP button?
A: You can get a more accurate reading of your current location and the closest ZIP code by tapping the Refresh ZIP button. This forces your iPhone to double check the location where it thinks you are at.

Q: Can I find other ZIP codes near where I am?
A: Yes, those are listed below the closest ZIP code.

Q: Can I send someone my ZIP code?
A: Not directly from Overnight. But you can text them or email it to them yourself using your iPhone.

Q: What does it mean when it says “You are ___ miles away from the center of”
A: ZIP Finder tells you how far you are away from the center of the ZIP codes. Sometimes you can be in one ZIP code, but closest to the center of another ZIP code. So please make sure to read the results carefully.

Q: What happens if I press the “Recommend” button?
A: By clicking Recommend you can tell a friend about ZIP Finder or Overnight so they can consider using Overnight on their own iPhone. Please help us spread the word about ZIP Finder and Overnight. We really appreciate your support.

Q: Where can I find the free, stand-alone app?
A: Both Overnight and ZIP Finder are available in the Apple App Store.

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