ZIP Finder doesn't give me the right ZIP Code

ZIP Finder uses the latitude and longitude provided by your iPhone to look up your ZIP Code in a database. If you are not getting the right ZIP Code, try this: 1. Click Refresh a few times. 2. Quit the app and relaunch it and try again. 3. If you are using an iPod Touch or original iPhone, your device will rarely get your exact location right. It can many times be several thousand feet off and put you in the wrong ZIP Code. There is no fix for this, other than a visit to the Apple Store to buy a new 3G iPhone... ;-) 4. Reboot your iPhone by holding the power button and home button at the same time for 15 seconds until the iPhone shuts itself off. If none of that helps, then it's possible our database has old data for your area. Let us know.

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