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Q: What is Proxy Pal?

A: Proxy Pal is a convenient and fun way to get a list of working proxies, updated weekly.


Q: What is a Proxy?

A: Proxy is a web server that you can use to get to other web sites on the internet that you may not be able to get to directly because the network you on has blocked going directly to that web site. For example, many places of work and schools block web sites like Facebook, eBay and web email. You can point your Mac or PC internet browser to the proxy web site. Then, enter the web site you want to go, such as, on the proxy web site’s screen and the proxy server will show you the Facebook web site.


Q: When I tap on the Proxy web site address nothing happens.

A: Nothing is supposed to happen. So, stop tapping. ;-) Just kidding. Proxy Pal gives you proxies that you can use on your Mac or PC to surf the web. If you wanted to just surf the web on your iPhone, you could have done that via Edge or 3G network without a Proxy. You can, however, write the proxy address down and use Safari on the iPhone in WiFi mode to go to the proxy. But Proxy Pal is really meant to help you get proxies to use on your Mac or PC.


Q: What are the Lame Pals and Best Pals?

A: Not all proxies are going to work on every network. Controlled networks are constantly adding to their list of blocked proxies. So, at some point, a proxy is going to get blocked by your network. That’s when it’s time to give that particular proxy the bad news. Kick that proxy to the curb by tapping the “-“ button to its right. You can always go the Lame Pals list and bring that proxy back by tapping the “+” button to its right.


Q: How often does the list of Proxies get updated?

A: We try to update it at least once a week.


Q: If a Proxy doesn’t work at one location, will it work at another?

A: Maybe. If you try to use a Proxy when you are at work, your work’s network may have already shut that particular proxy down. But you can try the same proxy at school and it might work.


Q: What happens if every Proxy that Proxy Pal gives me doesn’t work?

A: You’ll have to wait until we can get a new list of proxies. Every time you launch Proxy Pal, it will check our servers for new proxies.


Q: Can I submit a Proxy to you to post on the Proxy Pal list?

A: Yes, go to the Information screen and click the Submit a Proxy button.


Q: Why should I use Proxy Pal? Can’t I just search the internet for a Proxy?

A: Networks that block sites usually also block the sites that serve up lists of proxies.


Q: Can I send a Proxy to a friend?

A: You can tell your friends about Proxy Pal and they can download it to their iPhones. Actually, since you asked, please tell your friends about Proxy Pal. If you would rather them bug you to send them proxies so they can save a few bucks, that’s your call. But we sure would appreciate your help and tell your friends to download Proxy Pal themselves. Hint… Hint..


Q: Why don’t you give Proxy Pal away for free?

A: Tell you what. Come over to our office and work for the next 2 months on a cool iPhone app and we’ll give you all the free software you want. ;-)


Q: Where does Proxy Pal get its proxies?

A: We have a special contract with NASA. Just kidding. People like you submit proxies to us. So, it’s friends helping friends. If you have a proxy, let us know.

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