The files I send from Voxie are not arriving.

If the recordings I send are not being received, how do I troubleshoot Voxie?

1. Reboot your phone. Hold the power (top button) and home button (button on front of your iPhone) at the same time for about 15 seconds or until your iPhone turns off. Turn it back on and try again. This usually un-sticks just about anything wrong with your iPhone.

2. Make sure that the email address you are sending to is correct and that the email isn't getting caught in a spam folder. Try to send to multiple email addresses to make sure.

3. Try making a very short recording and sending that to test to see if it's a problem with your network connection not being able to send a large file.

4. Make sure you have updated to the latest version of Voxie. You can check the App Store on your iPhone to see if there are any updates available.

5. Try setting the audio quality to Normal (in settings page), make a very short recording and trying again.

6. Make sure you have entered your correct email address in the Settings screen INSIDE the Voxie app.

7. While Voxie is sending you can't quit Voxie. It is best to leave Voxie alone while it's sending your file as you may inadvertently stop the sending process.

9. If you are getting an email, but there is no recording attached, read this:

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