Why did we put a promotion about Voxie in the emails that are sent?

While Voxie is not free, it is very, very inexpensive and there is no subscription charge to you to run the servers that are required to be able to send the email to your recipients (the iPhone does not allow direct sending of emails from within a third party application or with attachments). And, Voxie costs less than most cups of coffee these days. The only way that we can continue to make software that sells for only a few dollars is at extremely high volumes, which is very difficult to achieve and takes a very long time to achieve if ever achieved considering the sheer number of apps available.  But we do understand that you would prefer to not have ads if possible. We had considered selling a pro version for more than our current price, but thought our customers would rather have the lower price. 

Thanks for your support. Your satisfaction is very important to us. We're working very hard to develop quality apps within the limitations of the platform.

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