FAQ's about Updating Voxie to a New Version

Q: Will I lose my recordings when I update my copy of Voxie?

A: We'll be brutally honest here, yes there is a CHANCE that you will lose your files, but in our testing we haven't lost a single file. How's that for a disclaimer...

We suggest you copy all of your recordings to your computer via Voxie's built in WiFi Sync or send them to yourself via email. Click here for instructions about WiFi Sync.

If you want to be very safe about this, then sync your iPhone to your computer using iTunes before you update. Make sure iTunes says "backing up your iPhone". You can do this multipe times if you're not sure.  Then, only after syncing and backing up your iPhone, download Voxie's update. Here is one suggested way to do the update if you are really nervous about losing a file. You do not have to do all these steps if you don’t want to:


1. Reboot your iPhone to make sure there were no memory errors.

2. Put your iPhone in Airplane mode.

3. Connect your iPhone to your computer and sync/back it up.

4. Unplug your iPhone from your computer.

5. Do the update of Voxie through the AppStore on your iPhone.

6. Run Voxie to make sure the files are still there.

7. Donate $5 to your favorite charity (this is optional).

8. Run the WiFi Sync in Voxie and copy your important files to your computer.

9. Connect your iPhone to your computer and sync/backed up your iPhone through iTunes.

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