FAQ's about the Settings Screen

Q: Why does Voxie need my email? Is it safe?

A: Voxie needs to know where you want your recordings sent when you select “Send to Me”. This email address is not shared with anyone and it’s safe to provide it.


Q: Where is my wallpaper viewed?

A: The Record screen and Express screen is where the wallpaper is used and can be viewed.


Q: How do I set a custom wallpaper?

A: At this time you can only select one of the built in wallpapers that came with Voxie.


Q: What level of audio quality should I use?

A: The higher the audio quality, the larger the file size of your recordings. In general, you should use the Normal audio quality as it will make sending those recordings much easier and faster. When you change the audio quality, your saved recordings are not changed. Only new recordings use the new audio quality setting.


Q: What are the transcription fields for?

A: See this link: http://bottlerocketapps.zendesk.com/forums/25424/entries/27902

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