FAQ's on Voxie's Wi-Fi Sync and Copying Files to Your Computer

There are 3 ways to get files from Voxie to a computer:

1. Send them via email. This is the easiest, so try this first. It works for most files, but not extremely large files. We suggest going into the Settings and selecting Voxie Shrink (AAC) as the compression style, which dramatically reduces file sizes while maintaining great quality, allowing you to send files via email that are normally too large to send.

2. Wi-Fi Sync or Voxie Sync (see below)

3. Using your iPhone's charge/sync cable to copy to your Mac/PC using iTunes. To do this, connect your iPhone to your Mac (or PC but we like Mac's better so I'll use that in this example) and launch iTunes. Click your iPhone in the list on the left. Then select Apps tab which is shown in the list of tabs near the top of the screen. When on the Apps tab, scroll down on that screen and you will the File Sharing area. Here are 2 great tutorials on what to do next to copy files from Voxie to your Mac: 





Q: What is Wi-Fi Sync (also called Voxie Sync)?

A: Wi-Fi Sync allows you to copy your recordings directly from the iPhone to your Mac or PC. Your iPhone/iPod Touch and your computer must both be on the same local network. Your iPhone connects to networks using Wi-Fi. Your computer could be connected to that same network via Wi-Fi, an Ethernet cable, or any other manner. But they must both be on the SAME local network. So if your computer it connected to the internet through a different network than your WIFI network, this will not work. Note that Wi-Fi Sync was updated recently so make sure you have the latest version of Voxie.


Q: How do I use Wi-Fi Sync?

A: Make sure your iPhone is connected to your local network via Wi-Fi. This means that your iPhone’s Wi-Fi must be turned on in the main iPhone Settings screen and you must already be connected to the SAME network that your computer is connected to. On Voxie, go to the Recordings list screen. Tap “Sync” or "VoxieSync". If your iPhone is not connected to a WIFI network, you will see a message that says you are not connected to a network. If you see that message, you must go to the main device Settings page, select WIFI and make sure to pick the correct WIFI network that your computer is on. 

If you are connected to a network, you will see an internet address that looks something like this: (each one is different and this can change any time as it's controlled by your network, not Voxie).

After you're sure that your computer is on the same network as your iPhone, launch the internet browser on your Mac/PC such as Safari, IE, Firefox, etc. (we had problems with Google Chrome) and enter this web address EXACTLY as Voxie displays it. You will then see a list of files. You can click the Listen button to just listen to the recording without copying the file. Or you can read the instructions at the very bottom of the page, which will tell you how to "right click" (Ctrl-click for Mac) the FILE NAME of the recording to and picking "Save As" or "Download Linked File" to copy it to your Mac or PC. There will be other options, but only these options will actually copy the file itself. You will then see a progress bar telling you that the file is being copied. It will be copied to wherever you have set your computer to download files to.



Q: What do I do once I have them on my computer?

A: The files are AIF format. So you can use Quicktime, iTunes or Windows Media Player (and hundreds of other programs) to listen to the files. You can also send them to our Voxie Transcription service for professional transcription. For more information on this go to http://dictate.voxiemail.com.


Q: Once I have the files on my computer, can I send them in for transcription if I'm a transcription customer?

A: Yes, please see this link: http://bottlerocketapps.zendesk.com/forums/25424/entries/27902


Additional hints:


1) The web address changes often so you need to check each time. Don't bookmark the address as it may change. Enter it exactly. Double check to make sure. Triple check...


2) If you can't connect, make sure to "wake up" your iPhone and try again. Don't let your iPhone "fall asleep" while you are trying to connect.


3) Read the address carefully as many times there are colons and other symbols that may look like dots but they're not.


4) Make sure you are using your web browser and not the "Connect To" feature in the Finder if you are using a Mac.


5) Reset your iPhone by holding the power and home buttons at the same time for 15 seconds until the phone shuts off then turn it back on and try again.


6) Some iPhone will "fall asleep" while a long file is transferring. If this happens to you, change your Auto Lock settings for your iPhone or tap the screen during file transfer to keep your iPhone awake. This does not occur on all iPhones and we are only suggesting this as a precaution. This was fixed in the latest version of Voxie.


7) This is not a web site address, it's the address to your iPhone. It changes randomly and we don't control it. So you can't bookmark the address. You have to check it and type it in each time. Again, we don't control the address your iPhone has on your network.


8) The most common problem customers have is on work networks where they think their iPhone and computer are on the same network, but they aren't. This isn't something we can control but your IT department can.


9) On the Mac, we suggest you use the Safari web browser.


10) Do not use Google Chrome.


11) Try a different web browser if you are having issues and empty your cache.


12) In your Internet Properties of your browser, you may need to add the IP address as a trusted site. This is because you may have your Mac/PC set up to not allow connections like this, preventing Voxie from connecting to your computer. Here is one site's explanation on how to do this: http://ball-park-baseball-fan-site.com/trusted_site_instructions.htm


Q: How can I be sure my iPhone/iPod and my computer are on the same network?

A: This is the most common reason that WiFi Sync doesn't work. First, look in your WiFi settings your Mac or PC to determine the name of the network your computer is on. Then go to the iPhone Settings screen (not Voxie's settings) and look at the WiFi button near the top. Does it show the exact same network name as your Mac or PC? You can also tap the WiFi button to get more information or to select the proper network. You must be on the EXACT same WiFi network or WiFi sync will not work.


Q: Does WIFI Sync work with all browsers?

A: It does not appear to work with Google Chrome. We suggest you use Firefox or Safari. You can also try Internet Explorer. If you are having issues with one browser, try another and also empty your cache (stored files).




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