FAQ's on Recording

Q: Where do my files go after I save them?

A: Your files are stored on your iPhone’s hard drive and can be found in the Recordings section of Voxie. To get to this section, click the icon of a file folder named Recordings. You will notice that you can view All Recordings, Not Categorized or various categories such as Work, To Do or Great Ideas. If you don’t see the recording you are looking for, click on the Categories button on the Recordings screen to see a list of all categories. You will see a list of all saved filed by clicking All Recordings.


Q: How long can I record for?

A: Voxie will let you record as long as you want, but eventually your hard drive will run out of room. You may also want to consider breaking a long recording into multiple recordings. For example, if you are recording a 30 minute meeting, create a new recording every 10 minutes or so. This way you don’t end up with one huge file and you reduce the risk of losing information recorded if your battery runs out or if a file becomes corrupted. Here are more hints: http://bottlerocketapps.zendesk.com/forums/25424/entries/20405


Q: Were can I add or delete categories?

A: Go to the Recordings screen. If you don’t already see the list of Categories, click the Categories button at the top left of the screen. When you see the list of Categories, you can click Edit to delete Categories or the + button to add new categories. You can not change the name of an existing category.


A: Can I change or add different recording status types?

B: At this time you can only choose one of the existing status types: flag, done, hot or none.


Q: When sending to Friends or Contacts, will I receive an email too?

A: No, but if you want to also receive an email that you are sending to one or more Friends, add yourself as a Friend before you make the recording and check your name in addition to the other Friends when you are sending.


Q: Can I send to more than one Friend or Contact at one time?

A: Yes, you can send to more than one Friend at a time, just check or uncheck as many Friend names as you’d like. However, you can only send to one Contact at a time.


Q: I tried to send a recording to a Friend, but the list of Friends was empty.

A: You have to first add people to your Friends page. Once you do, they will stay in your Friends page until you remove them. To add a Friend, click the Friends button at the bottom of the screen, then click the + button at the top of the screen. Find the person in your Contact database and select their name. If they have more than one email address, pick which email address will be used when you send them a recording.


Q: Will files I email also be saved to my iPhone?

A: Yes, everything you send to yourself, a Friend or Contact is also saved to the iPhone’s hard drive. You can find your recording in the Recordings section.



Q: How many recording can I save?

A: There is no limit, but eventually you will run out of space on your iPhone. To avoid this, delete any unwanted recordings. To delete a recording, go to the Recordings section and find your recording by going to the appropriate category that it is saved in or in the All Recordings category. Click anywhere on the recording’s row except the blue arrow button. Then click Delete. You can not undo a deletion.


Q: Can I use an external microphone to record?

A: See this link: http://bottlerocketapps.zendesk.com/forums/25424/entries/15240


Q: What if my recordings sound garbled?

A: Reboot your iPhone and try again. This happens very rarely, and only when using an external microphone. It is fixed by rebooting your iPhone.


Q: Can Voxie record a phone call?

A: No. This isn’t something that is allowed by the iPhone at this time.

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